"The Light Factory has advertised in the Adelaide Homemakers catalogues in all issues since 2003.  We have found in this time that with the release of every catalogue, sales increase almost instantly and flow on for several weeks.  I would imagine that the Homemakers catalogue will remain high in our planning of advertising in the future."
Todd York Brown - Advertising Manager - (Adelaide)
"The Bathroom Shop Our business, The Bathroom Shop, has advertised in the past  3 editions of the Melbourne Homemakers Catalogue.
we have found that the Homemakers Catalogue hit's the market we are after, with each edition, we have experienced instant response, which is then on going for at least 3 weeks after distribution. The Homemakers catalogue has become an important part of our overall advertising strategy, and we receive a great many enquiries and even better customers who walk into our store, with Homemakers Catalogue in hand! Having the exclusive rights in Homemakers delivers the results it does for our business, is that the catalogue only features home related products. Also due to the extensive distribution coverage (over 625,000 homes) we reach and are able to put our offers to more people than ever before.
The Melbourne Homemakers Catalogue will most certainly be a part og our advertising strategy in the future, and I have no hesitation in recommending Homemakers to other retailers of home related products or services.
Luke McGuiness  - Managing Director - (Melbourne)
"PJ Roof and Wall Coatings have advertised in every edition of the Homemakers Catalogue in Western Australia for the past 6 years. PJ's measure every single lead that is generated from each of our marketing sources, and we have found that the Homemakers Catalogue consistently delivers bothe an excellent number of leads, and also very good quality leads.
We also really appreciate the service that we have received from the friendly team at The Mitchell Ad Agency, and throughly recommend this publication to anyone ho is looking for advertising that gives your business and excellent return on investment".
Brett Heady - Managing Director - (Perth)

"Lifestyle Doors & Windows Our company's primary target market is existing home owners across greater Melbourne metro area. Over the past 30 years we have used many media avenues - in daily/local newspapers, radio, TV, magazines and mailbox catalogues to convey our unique services with varying degrees of success. Without doubt, our best responses have been through Mail Box catalogues, constantly providing highest return on investment. But not all catalogues companies are alike, many being unreliable, inconsistent and disorganised in production and/or distribution. We have been working with Mitchell's Homemakers Catalogue in Melbourne over the past couple of years and in other cities since 1995, though our franchising programme. They have provided us with the best of professional assistance in production of advertisements, reliable and courteous communications and a customer focused catalogue - on time - every time, which generates the quality and quantity of inquiries we require to build our business. Therfore we have no hesitation in commending them to you".

Bruce Malins - Managing Director - (Melbourne)

"HRW Home & Renovators Warehouse Home and Renovators Warehouse have advertised in the last 4 editions of the Mitchell's Homemakers Catalogue, on the Sunshine Coast. We have experienced a positive and almost immediate response to our ads, and this has led to increased awareness of our business on the coast. We have regularly had customers coming into our store, with a copy of the Homemakers Catalogue in hand, or quoting the Ad when enquiring by phone. These enquiries are from "ready to buy" customers, which leads to a positive outcome in terms of closing the sale, and conversions.

The Homemaker's Catalofgue compliments our other advertising strategies, and the exclusivity for our products is a very important ingredient in the success.  In short - Homemkaers Catalogue works well for us, and it "hits" our market. To David, Rosemary, and the rest of the team, keep up the good work".

Angela James - (Sunshine Coast)